Whole Blanched Almonds- Skinless, Vegan, Non-GMO (5LB)

Blanched Almonds are also called skinless Almonds. Removing the skin has a minimal effect on the overall nutrition of the Almond. They are a good source of Vitamin E(antioxidant) and have a variety of minerals including: calcium, potassium, niacin, copper, and fiber. The skin of the almond has a slight bitter taste. Blanched almonds have a sweet buttery nutty flavor. They are great in making almond milk and almond flour and can be added in many deserts like ice cream and yogurts. Our almonds and minimally processed and are stored and packed in the best way possible.

  • Whole Blanched Almonds Non-GMO
  • Midly sweet nutty buttery flavor- Great for sweet or savory dishes
  • Make: almond milk, almond butter and almond flour. Add them to deserts or eat them as a simple snack
  • Good Source of: Vitamin E(antioxidant), Essentials Fats, Protein Fiber and Minerals
  • Our almonds are minimally processed and are packed and stored in the best way possible

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