Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans- Fiber & Protein rich, Raw, Non-GMO, Vegan Bulk (25lb)

  • Cholesterol FREE: Naturally Gluten FREE and Non-GMO USDA Certified Organic
  • GREAT DISHES: Rice and Beans, Chili Cooked in savory broth, Frijoles Refritos and Creole, many Indian dishes with spices, Desired ingredient for Vegetable and or bean soup mix.
  • FIBER & PROTEIN: Rich in dietary FIBER and PROTEIN good source of Vitamin & Minerals
  • CLEAN: Safe and clean Ready to cook, Sprout-able 100% Not guaranteed that’s the nature of the bean
  • Firm TEXTURE: Holds its shape while cooking Non-irradiated Vegan Delight

Kidney Beans are one of the earliest cultivated foods grown for more than 7000 years. Also know as Rajma in India,Surkh in Pakistan,Cannellini in Italy and caparrones in Spain.Grown widely in India, Canada, South America and the United States. They are commonly used for making: Soups, Burgers, salsas, and burritos. Dishes include La Rioja from Spain, Brenabon soup from the Netherlands and Indonesia. Kidney beans are a great addition to any meal they are healthy, hearty and satisfying.100 grams Raw of Red Beans contain: 60 grams of carbohydrates,25 grams of fiber,24 grams of protein,24 milligrams of sodium,0 milligrams of Cholesterol,0.8 grams of fat

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